What to expect on your first visit:

The first visit is always the most important. Refer to the information on this page for any questions or concerns regarding the fist visit or reach out to me directly.

Welcome and thank you for choosing My Massage Therapist, Sheila Graham RMT.

Health History Form

On your first visit to the office, you will be asked to complete a Health History Form. I know what you’re thinking, filling out personal information can feel both intimidating and intrusive. However this is the most important step to beginning treatment. This is about your journey to relief and without understanding the current issue it is difficult to provide a safe and effective treatment. Remember that massage therapists are health care professionals. All of the same rules that apply regarding doctor patient confidentiality will be followed. The Health History Form can be downloaded prior to your appointment by clicking on the link below. Filling it out in advance will help me to evaluate your physical state and customize a treatment plan to fit your needs before you arrive. If you have any questions concerning the form, please leave the section blank and we will help you on the initial visit. Alternatively, you can send a message through this system with your question.


Sheila Graham, RMT

A Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the College of Massage Therapy Ontario (CMTO) providing health care in the Stouffville area since 1994.  She has worked as a massage therapist in a college setting as a clinical instructor and was part of a healthcare team in a chronic pain clinic.
Sheila has learned about injury and surgical rehab process via direct experience as a client following injuries sustained in hockey, martial arts, gardening and horseback riding.
Sheila has expanded her knowledge base over 27 years thru direct client contact and continuing education activities. With this experience, a personalized treatment plan will help reduce pain and improve function and proper healing. Massage therapy is a wonderful adjunct for those with health concerns related to stress and mental health. (Read More).



What do I wear to my appointment?

In the simplest form, wear what YOU are comfortable in. Massages can be done over top of clothing or directly to the skin, it is a personal choice for each patient. Lighter materials or sportswear is preferred if you choose to wear clothing.

Which service do I need and how long do appointments take?

If you are unsure of the treatment type or would like to chat pre-appointment please contact My Message Therapist to determine the course of treatment. The first appointment will include a conversation to determine the course of treatment. I will recommend treatments, but inevitably the treatment is up to the user. The following appointments can range from 30-90 minute sessions.

Is massage just for injuries?

No, massage therapy is not limited to injuries. Effective in reducing and managing both acute and chronic pain,  massage therapy includes outer and inner components of treatment. From stress and relaxation to skin pathologies, to migraines, massage therapy can be used as a positive form of treatment for everyone alike. For athletes, massage therapy has been shown to reduce recovery time and improve performance.

Will my appointment be covered by insurance?

Most extended health care plans will cover massage therapy. Depending on the provider a doctor’s note may be needed to submit a claim. Our office does not provide direct billing – payment is due at the time of appointment and a receipt for insurance purposes will be issued for the client to submit to extended health coverage.